SDGs Initiatives SDGsへの取り組み

SDGs Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals
In 2015, ‘the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ were unanimously adopted by the 193 member countries of the United Nations in order to achieve a sustainable world.
These are 17 goals and 196 targets for the world to achieve by 2030.
We aim to realize a company where‘no one is left behind.’

CEF Techno Solutions Initiatives

Techno Solutions declared its commitment to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs at 2021‐2030The future 10 years from now (Smart Vision 2030) announced in October 2021.
We believe that the productivity activities of software development in IT companies and the philosophy of the SDGs are in the same direction.

The five P s’ of SDGs Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

People , Prosperity , Planet , Peace , Partnership
The 17 goals and 169 targets of the SDGs consist of five areas: people, prosperity, planet, peace, and partnership, which are essential and need to be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Priority issues and initiatives

Among the 17 goals of the SDGs, we will focus on 10 goals in the implementation of our business activities.

Human Resources and Employment

3. We aim to promote healthy lifestyles and well-being for all people through the promotion of health management and the use of data to improve health.
4. We develop core human resources who will be responsible for organizational management innovation and the construction of social systems, as well as young people who will lead the next generation.
5. We aim to promote diversity and the advancement of women in order to create a society in which diverse human resources can play an active role.
8. We will promote productivity improvement through work style reforms and human-oriented employment with job satisfaction (decent work).

Business Activities

2. We will contribute to the creation of a system that doubles the agricultural productivity and income of small-scale food producers, including women, indigenous people, family farmers, pastoralists and fishermen, using IT.
9. We promote technological innovation in the fields of manufacturing and agriculture, and contribute to solving social issues and creating an inclusive society.
12. We encourage the adoption of sustainable practices and the inclusion of sustainability information in periodic reports.
15. We are committed using IT in agriculture to restore degraded lands and soils affected by desertification, drought and floods, and to achieve a world that is not complicit in land degradation.
17. We will strengthen the means of implementation for sustainable development and revitalize the global partnership.

Strengthen compliance and governance

16. We will comply with laws and regulations and engage in fair and free trade.